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Sterling Phoenix
1 February 1974
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This used to be a Friends-Only journal. Recently (late-2005) I've started to make some entries public.

By now (mid-2006) I very rarely make any closed-posts. Heck, I have Interests now. And information in my profile!

Alright, this is who (or what) I am:
I am a geek.
I am a vegetarian.
I like to read.
I play several musical instruments to varying degrees of non-suckiness.
I am an ordrained non-denominational minister.
I am either an agnostic or an athiest, depending on what day it is.
I do not smoke, drink or use drugs. And I never have.
I have a lot of plush bunnies on the staircase. This worries some of my friends.
I have a dog and two cats (though not the same ones as before).
I have recently started actually going outside for fun.
I can't seem to get through the day without quoting The Simpsons. Repeatedly.
I love music. Here's a last.fm thing:
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Visit my photo gallery! it's exciting! Especially if you like dogs.

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